Monday 17 December 2007

Swedish style Bento again

This time I went for some Janssons Temptation in the main box. The three smaller boxes contains of a deviled egg, carrot sticks and some Derby Sage cheese.

I also got a Activia Kiwi Yoghurt and a Yoggi Strawberry/Lime drink. Tomorrows treat is a lemon filled licorice stick.


  1. should we predict another night of no cooking due to quiz & alcohol?

  2. you missed Heston pulling a cracker tonight... who would of thought a hairdryer and a drill would be needed to make trifle and a tampon would should you how to make it taste better... I'd download it I were you, coz I'm not joking

  3. There was cooking, as well as photography. Will post tonight.

    Sounds well cool. Will have to go torrent-chasing.


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