Tuesday 11 December 2007

Pasta Bento

I got home late today and it is the Tuesday quiz down the pub so I didn't have much time to prepare tomorrows lunch.

Ok, lack of imagination and time hampered this effort. ;)

The main box has pasta and Swedish meatballs. Yes, the pasta are shaped after the Simpson's characters and the meatballs were arranged in a Union Jack pattern. ;)

The three tier fruit/veg box contains one Mini Babybel, dried banana crisps, one sliced Dolce Lino pepper and carrot sticks.

The smoothie from PJ's are there, and the drink is a Orange & Passionfruit offering from Minute Maid. Instead of some kind of nuts I've packed a soft licorice stick. Let's see if I got more time on my hands for Thursdays lunch.


  1. too busy quizzing for a description...let me guess:

    Swedish meatballs with Simpsons pasta shapes and hopefully some sauce/dressing

    Top tier consists of baby bell & dried sweeten bananas? Middle tier, fresh chopped bell peppers? lower tier, chopped carrots?

    With OJ + Passion fruit "with calcium!?!” & Strawberry & blackcurrant smoothie. And soft liquorice as a treat!

    Hope you won the quiz...

  2. Someone is watching the photos closely ;)

    No win. :(

  3. someone has to...although I missed the union jack pattern in the meatballs

    ...and I thought fish was meant to improve the brain cells! Much as i hate to say it, maybe you need MORE fish recipies :(


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