Wednesday 19 December 2007

Recipe - Japanese Inspired Pork Meatballs

This is what I cooked last night. The Japanese inspiration must be the soy sauce and the teriyaki marinade. Since I was going to use these in a bento just put them one and one on a tray. You could always put them on skewers to sex things up a bit.

Serve with rice and some kind of dipping sauce, Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce for example.

Japanese Inspired Pork Meatballs - makes about 20

250g pork mince
3 -5 garlic cloves, chopped
1 medium egg
A couple of splashes of soy sauce
A couple of splashes of teriyaki marinade
Bread crumbs

Preheat the grill (or broiler for our American friends).

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until well mixed. Roll the mince mix into small meatballs. It makes it easier if you wet your hands with water.

Put the meatballs onto a baking tray or similar and put it under the grill. Let the meatballs get a nice and brown colour and then turn them over to the other side and repeat.

Once nicely browned and cooked through they are ready to eat.



  1. do you really think putting things on a skewer really would "sex things up a bit" does this apply to all foods? ;-)

  2. Hmm... I don't think it works too well on soups. ;)

  3. depends how thick your soup is....

  4. hmmmm... at this point I will refer to a wise old man who said "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" ... so ... "No comment"


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