Sunday 9 December 2007

Mexican(ish) bento

I wish I could always have steaks like the one earlier today but that just won't happen...

Tomorrows lunch will be a Mexican(ish) bento.

The top tier consists of refried beans and Mexican chili cheese that has been chopped into smaller, bite-sized, pieces.

The bottom tier has half a sliced Dolce Lino pepper, Pomodorino tomatoes, sliced cucumber and some Hearts of Palm. I have no clue what Hearts of Palm is, or what it tastes like. I found it in a small Portuguese/Brazilian shop here in Reading and thought that I'd give it a go.

The treat for tomorrow is a small bag of Kasugai Beans. Whatever that is.

I'm also adding a small Tetra Pak of PJ's Strawberry and Blackcurrant smoothie.

Until tomorrow...

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