Sunday 9 December 2007

A manlier meal?!?

Some people might think that Bento's are too dainty and girlie but I must say that they are awesome for lunches. I'm surprised over how filling they are.

However, today is Sunday and I felt the need for some proper meat! ;) I wasn't in the mood for food at all yesterday so I was feeling well hungry earlier.

Todays dinner consisted of a fillet steak, baked potatoes with spice butter, sliced Dolce Lino peppers, steamed mange tout and string beans.

I normally make my baked potatoes the same way. Rinse them in water, dry them. Then put some oil in your hands and spread it all over the potatoes. Once they are covered in oil I put quite a bit of salt on top. They get to go in to a oven that's been heated to 200c/Gas Mark 6 for about 1 - 1.5 hours.

My dad used to make spice butter every time we had a barbecue when I was a kid and it is something I crave with baked potatoes. There are no rules when it comes to making spice butter. Just take some (unsalted) butter and let it soften in room temperature. Once it is soft enough to work with you just chuck in whatever spices you have to hand that you think will work. Easy! ;)

I prefer my steaks blue. Enough said.

Some potatoes waiting to get into the sauna...

The spice butter is done and are ready to go into the fridge until dinner time.

Nice and steaming veggies.

All cooked and plated. Ready to be eaten.

Taters with spice butter. Mouthwatering.

Perfect steak. If you wonder what is on top, it's Danish Blue Cheese. I find Norwegian Blue to be a bit dead. ;)

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