Wednesday 19 December 2007

Rice Cooker

No, I haven't bought a Japanese motorbike ; ) What I got is a proper 5 cup Zojirushi rice cooker from Mount Fuji. Complete with a very non-masculine flower decor. :) I used it for the first time last night and I must say that I'm well impressed with the result.

I followed all the rules and rinsed and re-rinsed the rice until the water was clear and then I put it in the rice cooker and let it do its magic.

Now I must learn (look up/find a demo of) how to stir in the sushi vinegar properly as well as get the fanning going.

I've got pictures of the rice cooker in action, as well as the dish I cooked last night. They'll be posted later tonight hopefully. There was a bit of turbulence last night including no sleep so things are lagging a bit.

But hey ho, onwards and upwards!


  1. ... that is a lovely floral design on the rice cooker... suits you down to the ground.

  2. I know. I'm sure that it will be appreciated by some of my more effeminate friends. ;)

  3. its the sort of rice cooker that wouldn't look out of place with a cover like this ;-)

  4. go on... add one to the wishlist for Christmas!

  5. There will be no Christmas this year.

  6. Humbug! is a excuse for gifts, drinking and merriment... oh and some sort of religious festival

  7. Won't be giving or receiving any gifts.

    Stuck in Reading.

    No salary until the 31st.

    I think I'll just chill and forget all about Christmas and come out fighting in January instead.

    I like the sound of that.

  8. You never know... you might get lucky and get a gift.

    I'm sure Reading isn't that bad?!

    You should of thought about the lack of money before spending money entertaining us with Bento creations ;-)

  9. I'm quite cool without any.

    I can think of a fair few better places to be but that is not happening this Xmas.

    That's all cool. I got loads of food in stock so I'll be fine. As long as I can eat and sleep I'm cruising.

  10. Well I guess it all depends on if Santa thinks you've been a good or bad boy ;-)

    Look forward to seeing cooking creations for the rest of December. Merry non Christmas!


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