Wednesday 5 December 2007

Seafood salad with pickled vegetables

Another day, another bento...

The top tier will consist of a seafood salad with pickled vegetables. I started by using a Y-peeler to make ribbons of cucumber and carrot. I marinated/pickled those in rice vinegar. At the same time I sliced radishes quite thinly and cut crab sticks into smaller pieces. When the vegetables had marinated for about two hours I put them into a sieve and let them dry for a while. After that I mixed the vegetables with the radishes and crab stick pieces and added some mussels.

The lower tier has bite size pieces of salami and hot 'Mexican' cheese as well as a egg that has been marinated in tea and soy sauce.

The treat of the day (looks like it is) prawn flavored jumbo peanuts.

I've included a picture of my cable tie solution due to popular demand :)

In the pictures you can also see my groovy chopsticks with their transport case. A good find at Muji! ;)

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