Monday 10 December 2007

Swedish Bento

Let's continue on the 'international' Bento track. This time with a Bento that is inspired by Swedish cuisine.

The top tier consists of three different types of pickled herring. These are dill marinated, sweet & spicy marinated and soured cream marinated. With that I've got boiled baby new potatoes that are covered with soured cream and chives cut into small pieces.

The lower tier has sliced Dolce Lino pepper, one Mini Babybel Cheddar cheese, sliced cucumber, Pomodorino tomatoes and carrot sticks.

Like yesterday I've got a PJ's smoothie and a bag of peanuts. To drink I've got a Minute Maid Red Grape & Raspberry drink.

A note as for todays lunch. Be a bit careful, the refried beans may be a bit gas inducing... ;)

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