Monday 17 December 2007

Recipe for disaster

Recipe for disaster

1 televised footie match, Arsenal v Chelsea
1 pub serving Cold Guinness
1 good friend
1 recently single Mikey
1 good win from Arsenal

Mix all of this and you'll get a disaster. Hence no cooking last night and no bento to report.

Will better myself for tomorrow. I promise. :) I'm thinking of making a classic Swedish dish for dinner, as well as using the leftovers for a bento.


  1. no mention of winning prizes in the sunday night pub quiz? hope the heads not too bad this morning...

  2. Well, we won best team name. Which I can't remember to be honest. Something with Hanukkah I think. ;)

    The head is ok. I think standing at various stations and platforms from 06:40 and arriving at work at 08:57 helped with that.

  3. Very festive name... ;-) I'm sure the prize wine added to the hangover this morning.

    That sounds like a fairly long commute today, but sure the fresh air did you good, just need something to line your stomach... blog whatever disaster the canteen has for you!

  4. It was my team partners choice of name so he brought the wine home for his parents. ;)

    It's chicken with a creamy stilton sauce. Not sure if I feel like that. Might just head in to Abingdon to grab something there.

  5. You could try and find...
    Frugal Food
    17 West St Helen St
    Oxfordshire OX14 5BL

    T: 01235 522239

    Company Profile:
    Frugal food is a small, friendly shop catering for a wide range of customers, staffed by helpful knowledgeable people. This is our 25th year of trading

    Product Description:
    Wholefood and organic food and drink (Incl. wine) chocolates, cheese, speciality foods - gluten / dairy free remedies, supplements, bodycare and cleaning products.

  6. Looks interesting. Thanks for the tip!

  7. never been there so have no idea if it is any good.... hope i didn't send you on a wild goose chase.

  8. Didn't find it in the end. Found the farmers market though. Some nice smoked eel was the result of that visit. ;)

  9. not more dam fish! :(


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