Monday 6 October 2008

Saturday's little pick-me-up - Steak Sandwich

This Friday gone I went down the pub with some colleagues for a couple of beverages. Needless to say there wasn't much food involved, or rather none at all.

Waking up on Saturday I felt a little bit brittle and very hungry so I decided that a steak sandwich was what was needed.

I spread the bottom half of a freshly baked (purchased, not home baked) roll with some mayonnaise. On top of that I put some rocket (arugula) and a couple of slices of juicy tomato. I caramelized sliced onions with olive oil and balsamic vinegar that went on top of the tomatoes, followed by the steak. To finish it all off I crumbled some gorgonzola on top off the steak and let that melt.

Exactly what I needed....


  1. Your sandwich looks like the perfect morning after solution to a night out. The Gorgonzola makes the sandwich for me. I could never imagine a steak sandwich without it.

  2. Michele,

    It did rock, even if I say so myself ;)

    The best ever 'day-after-the-night-before'-meal is a fry-up from The Gorge in Reading. Since I've moved to Abingdon I can't go there any longer. :(

    There's a review of the place somewhere on my blog. If you ever get to Reading and feel the need for a fry-up, that's the place to go.

    // Mike

  3. Mike,
    You've got a great blog here. I am loving this steak sandwich and it's way to early in the morning! I'll be back often to visit!

  4. Jenny,

    Many thanks for your kind words. Having seen your blog, they mean a lot.

    Thanks, Mike


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