Saturday 25 October 2008

Cheese and Bacon Pasta Salad

This is another posting that I don't really want to call a recipe. This is more meant to be a sort of inspiration.

The reason behind this dish is that I needed to clear the fridge of some stuff that is about to expire. I'm invited to a big bonfire party on Saturday and Sunday will be spent at Wembley watching Chargers v Saints. That's American Football for those of you who aren't interested in sport. ;)

Well, back to the fridge clearing. I had a rummage around in both the fridge and the cupboards and came up with this, a simple pasta salad. I prefer cold pasta salads, so this was served cold.

The ingredients this time was as follows: Cooked pasta, crispy smoked bacon cut into small pieces, diced Emmenthal cheese, a can of sweetcorn, diced red onion and finally some diced red pepper. Finish off with some freshly cracked black pepper and you're there. Serve with some kind of dressing you like.

Easy to make and even easier to freestyle...


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  1. I say it again...anything with bacon is bound to taste great!


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