Sunday 5 October 2008

The best chilli sauce. In the world. Ever.

I've always been a fan of hot and spicy food. This has lead me down some nice food avenues, and some not so nice.

I can't help myself if I find a new hot sauce when I'm out shopping. My place is literally crawling with various hot sauces, jellies, salsas and so on.

However, this is probably the best chilli sauce I've ever tried. It's called Sriracha Hot Sauce and I buy it from Chinese/Oriental supermarkets here in the UK. It creeps up on you, it starts out quite nice and mild. Then you taste the garlic - lots of it - seconds before the sledgehammer hits you.

It's absolutely not unbearably hot, but it does pack a punch.

If you haven't tried it yet, go for a trip to your friendly local Oriental supermarket. I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


  1. I completely agree. This is the best ever chilli sauce! I go through about 2 bottles a year. That's a lot of sauce considering how big the bottles are. What definitely sets this sauce apart from the others is all of the flavor that it brings to the table. A regular hot sauce just can't do that.

  2. Michele,

    You're completely right there. It's all about the flavour. I can't make it justice. All I can think of is that it gives you so many different aspects. It has a full spectrum of flavours that all compliment each others.

    I aim to spread the word about this awesome hot sauce! ;)

  3. I concur wholeheartedly about Sriracha, for Asian style heat you just can't beat it.

    However, if you fancy something a little more Caribbean (or for a Bloody Mary), Marie Sharp's from Belize is the nuts. Don't bother with the novelty varieties, just the basic habanero is what you want.

    For heat from the subcontinent the best is MD Green Chili sauce. I once bought a bottle in Sri Lanka and have been trying to replace it ever since.

    One bottle of each of above has you covered for all your chilli needs.

  4. jams,

    thanks for the suggestions. I'll try and chase a these down. You can never have too much hotsauces around ;)

    // Mike


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