Saturday 11 October 2008

May the pisstake commence... ;)

What you see in this picture is what I refer to as my 'foodboard'. This is what I use to plan my cooking a week or more ahead. What's probably worse, I also use it to plan my blog posts.

I'm sure that I'll hear lots about my borderline OCD behaviour when it comes to my cooking and blogging but I don't really care. It sure helps me plan my purchases and makes me waste less vegetables etc. In the end it also helps me save money by not wasting too much.

Hopefully I'm not alone with some kind of forward planning when it comes to cooking.

By the way, this picture is a couple of days old - just so I didn't give away my blog schedule. So come on, hit me with your best comments ;)


  1. Here's one....Sunday 26th, must post recipe for those green marzipanny hoover things.

    You know the ones i mean :-)

  2. I do the exact same thing...but with index cards and thumbtacks. I plan my recipes out a month in advance. Once in a while something sneaks in there that wasn't planned, but it helps to keep me focused. I also plan my blog out ahead as well. So we must be the OCD 's of the foodie world. :-)

  3. Martin: I know exactly which ones you mean. ;) Tell you what, I'll be at the NFL game at Wembley on the 26th so I'll prepare that as the post of that day. Deal? ;)

    Michele: I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Index cards and thumbtacks sounds quite good. Easier to rearrange than having to erase and rewrite on the board.

  4. Det är väl självklart att man planerar sin matlagning, sina inköp och vad man vill blogga om (och när)! Jag har dessutom mängder av icke-publicerade texters som väntar på illustration eller helt enkelt sin rtta kontext.

    Jag har inget riktigt upparbetat system ännu, men jobbar på det!

  5. Annika,

    Jag tror att du skulle bli ganska forvanad om du visste hur manga det ar som inte planerar langre an idag/imorgon for deras matlagning.

    Ett system kommer, det galler bara att hitta vad som passar dig.

    // Mike


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