Thursday 2 October 2008

A new light in my life...

Whoever designed my kitchen clearly didn't have food photography in his/hers mind. Getting good lighting in there is really hard. Pair that with the winter coming up with even worse natural lighting and you have a problem.

Problems are there to be solved so I google'd around a bit and found some really good help and ideas on a couple of other food blogs. Two of them being Steamy Kitchen and VeganYumYum.

Both those sites mentioned or recommended the Lowel EGOLight's.

After having read up on them I decided that one of those could be what I needed. After a bit more googling I found a place here in the UK who sells them, ProKit. After locating the product on their pages I ordered a kit.

Being what seems like really good people they delivered the next day. What I got was a flat pack with some parts to assemble. The assembly was quick and easy and I had the light kit up and running in no time at all.

I think it will take some time to get used to and get the best out of these but I'll get back with reviews and tips later on as I stumble forward.

The contents of the box, pre-assembly.

After assembly, reflector to the left and the light itself to the right.

Same stuff, just viewing the back of the light.

The light turned on, still in the same lighting conditions as the earlier pictures. I guess it really freaked out the cameras sensors. ;)


  1. Ah, we've been looking in to these too. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    We also just recently bought a tripod which seems to be making a difference but we need a little more time to get used to it.

  2. Ginger,

    I think it will take some time to get the best out of this one but after that... ;)

    A tripod is really useful, especially if you want to go down in ISO rating and need a longer exposure time.

    I use mine together with a remote so that I don't even have to touch the camera to release the shutter, thus reducing the risk of shake to almost non-existant.

  3. Great! You might find that you need 2 of them - let me know how your photos turn out.

  4. Steamy(!?!?), ;)

    I was starting to suspect that might be the case when I was playing around with it yesterday.

    The reflector they enclosed wasn't all that good but I didn't have time to try any of my old reflectors.

    Time will tell..

  5. Ambitiöst!
    SJälv är jag i startgroparna, vad gäller matfotograferande...
    Jag använder inte vår bästa kanera (vilket är dumt av mig), och jag fotar nästan alltid på samma ställe i köket, där jag får ljus från både spisen och från spottar bredvid. Spontant och äventyrligt - not!
    Skall bli intressant att följa hur du använder din nya utrustning!

  6. Annika,

    Det gor faktiskt ganska stor skillnad nar du borjar tanka lite mer over hur du 'jobbar' med ljus etc.

    Sedan jag flyttade sa har jag tagit mina foton pa samma plats hela tiden. Till vanster om spisen, med lite ljus from flakten, lite fran spottar i taket och ytterst lite fran fonstret.

    Med den har nya lampan sa har jag redan markt mycket battre och jamnare resultat. Jag ar grymt sugen pa att skaffa en till for att fa jamnare resultat, but vi far se hur jag gor.

    Ett nytt objektiv blir det nog snart i alla fall. ;)

    Lycka till med fotograferandet, jag ser fram emot att se mer bilder pa Smaskens ;)

    // Mike

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