Sunday 19 October 2008

Credit Crunch Eggs

With the current economic crisis we all have to be more frugal. We cannot use our Beluga just to feed our chihuahuas, we need to make sure to find more uses for it than that.

Jokes aside, this is a classic nibble from when I grew up. I'd say that most Swedes in my age have eaten these little goodies. They're a really nice little starter or hors d'oeuvre and they're dead easy to make.

Cook some eggs until hardboiled, and let them cool down fully. Once cool, slice them in half. Put a dollop of mayonnaise on each half and finish off with a spoonful or so of caviar. I used lumpfish caviar, but heck - use some expensive stuff if you can afford it. If you want to be extra fancy you can make some with black caviar and some with red caviar.

Keep them in the fridge under some clingfilm until it's time to serve. Make sure to take them out a little bit beforehand so that they aren't too cold.

If you are serving them at a party or want to impress - use a icing piper to apply the mayo in a nicer way than I did with these. To be honest, I made them as a snack for my self at 22:15 in the evening so I didn't really care much about the looks of them. ;)


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