Friday 18 January 2008

Super Sunday

Due to various reshuffles in the house I live in I will now end up with a proper satellite receiver and what looks like every movie and sports channel known to man, or at least man in England.

I'll be moving tomorrow, Saturday, so I won't have much time to chill in front of the TV but I'm making sure to recoup that on Sunday.

This is my planned viewing schedule for Sunday.

Start Finish Channel Teams League
13:00 15:30 Sky Sports 1 Wigan v Everton Premiership
15:30 18:00 Sky Sports 1 Man City v West Ham Premiership
17:30 20:00 NASN Boston v NY Rangers NHL
20:00 23:00 Sky Sports 2 Patriots v Chargers NFL
22:00 00:30 NASN Toronto v New Jersey NHL
23:00 03:00 Sky Sports 2 Packers v Giants NFL

Some people might think of this a tad bit excessive but they just don't know how long it has been since I could watch a NHL game at a decent time of day.

What does this have to do with food? Everything! I'm currently trying to figure out what to cook for myself as I enjoy this sport-a-thon.

The usual suspects do pop up. Chicken wings, pizza, chilli and so on. There will probably be some beer-age too and I can't see myself watching this without some peanuts, popcorn and so on as well.

Does any of you readers have any ideas, links or recipes that you'd like to share? Ice hockey puck shaped cookies perhaps?

Another thing I have to figure out is how to explain my zombie like state at work on Monday. But hey, let's save that problem for Monday morning. :)

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