Sunday 13 January 2008

Bento #004

A fairly standard Bento for tomorrows lunch...

The upper tier consists of half a Kiwi (I'm not buying such a big pack of them next time), some carrot sticks a Cheddar Babybel and two hard boiled Quail eggs. I've never tried Quail eggs before so that could be interesting.

In the lower tier I've put two rice rolls with some seasoning in the middle of them. For the meaty part I took some Turkey breast and went postal on it with a meat mallet until it was nice and thin. I cut that into smaller pieces that were marinated in Teriayki marinade, Sake and some chilli sauce. A quick visit to the frying pan later it was ready to get into the box.

Tomorrows treat will be a licorice stick and I've also packed a Actimel which is supposed to give you some healthy bacteria or something. As long as it's not the cooties ;)

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