Monday 14 January 2008

Bento #005

This time it is a Bento with a slightly Moroccan/Middle Eastern twist.

In the upper tier we find a Babybel cheese, some sun dried Goji berries, a couple of segments of Minneola/Tangelo and the strange looking thing furthest to the left is a Quails egg fried in a ring of green pepper. Arty, eh? ;) If you wonder what the 'red blobs' on the yoke is - it's Tabasco.

In the background you can see my bottle of Actimel as well as a can of Ubuntu Cola. Ubuntu Cola is the worlds first Fairtrade cola and well worth trying, if nothing else just to support Fairtrade. It tastes a bit like Jolt Cola, at least that's what I think.

The Moroccan/Middle eastern twist comes in when you look at the lower tier. I diced some leg of lamb, cut up red onion , green pepper and garlic. This was marinated with rose harissa and olive oil and then fried. It's put on a bed of (I sound like a wanky restaurant menu now) of lemon and coriander flavoured couscous.

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