Friday 25 January 2008

My dirty culinary secret

We all got our dirty secrets. This is my dirty culinary secret...

For those of you who are innocent enough not to recognise what this is: It's a kebab burger.

Yes, you read that correctly. A kebab burger. It's exactly what it sounds like. Start with a 1/2 pound cheese burger. Then add doner kebab meat and various salad items. The best place to get this monstrosity is at Mr Peeps kebab van outside Reading University.

Disgusting? Yes! Unhealthy? Yes! Against everything I believe in when it comes to food? Yes! A freak of culinary abnormality? Yes! Irresistible? Yes.

Thankfully I only succumb to the lure of the kebab burger about once a month. It makes me feel dirty for days afterwards... ;)

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