Thursday 24 January 2008

Boring Bento with pasta leftovers

Not much going on here...

I must admit that this Bento reeks of lack of imagination, but at least it should be fairly filling.

As you can see the main part of it consists of leftover pasta from yesterdays post. Fruit and veg is provided with some carrot and dried bananas. One thing of interests is the muffin trays that I put the carrot and banana in, they're made of silicone and not paper. That should mean that they are a bit more environmentally friendly, since I can re-use them, and that they should be much more resistant against moisture. That should keep foods like dried bananas from turning mushy.

As always there's a bottle of Actimel too.

[There might not be a post for tomorrow since it's the warm up game for our new poker tournament tonight. If things go to plan I'll be home too late to be making a Bento for tomorrow.]

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