Sunday 27 January 2008

Review - The Gorge Cafe

The Gorge Cafe, or just The Gorge, is a Reading institution. You can find it here.

I've read many a time that Englands only worthwhile contribution to world cuisine is the fry-up. Who am I to argue with these writers? After all, they have been properly published so they must know what they are writing about. ;)

There's only one serious option if you ever have the (mis)fortune to find yourself in Reading and simultaneously in the mood for a fry-up. It is The Gorge.

The Gorge has a almost religious following and many a reveller from the nearby Reading Festival campsite has been saved from a near death experience by their excellent food.

It's only natural that their menu focuses on variations on the all day breakfast theme but that's not all they do. You'll find omelettes, jacket potatoes and much more to choose from. There's also options for the freaks, sorry - vegetarians, out there.

You can add and remove items from your chosen fry-up as well. As you can see from my plate I went for the All Day Breakfast with added black pudding and mushrooms.

The interior makes you feel like you are sitting in a cave, which is quite cool.

Don't be surprised if it is full when you arrive - the place is very popular. Come down on a summer Sunday and you will almost not be able to make it to the entrance due to all motorcycles that are parked outside.

Mikey's verdict: Go there and have a great fry-up!

For you who will complain about the unhealthiness in it - I walk there and back. That way I kan kid myself that I offset the bad stuff! :)

A All Day Breakfast with added black pudding and mushrooms. Yummy!

Interior shot where you can see the 'cave ceiling' as well as some of the menu options on the blackboards in the background.


  1. Yes indeed, a legendary venue for Sundays or indeed any day, good review Mike : )

  2. Great review but not sure about those sausages. How did they taste?


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