Friday 26 June 2009

A simple summer dessert...

This is not a recipe, this is more of a trip down memory lane.

Last weekend was Midsummer in Sweden. The holiday that rivals Christmas for being the most popular holiday back there.

I've seen quite a lot of posts on Swedish blogs about how people celebrated Midsummer and what they ate and so on.

Seeing all these pictures and reading the recipes made me start to think what food memories I have of Swedish summer.

Sitting on a remote island in the western archipelago and eating marinated herring and boiled new potatoes on a perfect summer evening is definitively one of the better ones.

The one that gives me the best memories, on so many different levels, is probably one of the simplest meals though. When I say meal I should probably say dessert.

When I grew up we still had seasons in the shops. You couldn't go and find raspberries and blueberries in your local shop in December. You got them when they were in season and that was it.

Somehow I think that made us appreciate them more and I still think they tasted better than those forced through and imported fruit and veg we can get year round these days.

This dessert is something my grandmother used to make. If I stayed at hers over the weekend in the summer she would get down to the local market early on Saturday morning to get fresh fruit and veg from the farmers stalls.

If she came back with raspberries and blueberries I knew that I was in for a treat.

This is so simple, yet this is what brings out memories of Swedish summer for me. All you do is that you wash your blueberries and raspberries, put them in a bowl, pour milk over them and put them in the fridge for at least a couple of hours to let the milk get some of the flavours from the berries. If the blueberries are too sharp, add some sugar.

Eating this on a warm summer evening - life doesn't get much better than that.


  1. Det där låter fantastiskt gott och somrigt. Blåbär och mjölk har jag ätit men får testa med hallon nästa gång.

  2. Jessica,

    Kul att du gillade recepet, det ar helt klart vart att prova.

    Hallonen kompletterar blabaren valdigt bra. Sott och surt...

    // Mike

  3. Vackert inlägg! Kul att läsa om dina minnen!

  4. Millan,

    Tackar sa mycket! Det ar skoj att fa veta att det inte ar for trakigt med lite 'udda' inlagg som det har.

    Vem vet, jag kanske kan skaka fram lite mer minnen framover. ;)

    // Mike


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