Tuesday 16 September 2008

Recipe - Swedish Hash (Pytt-i-panna)

The Swedish name for this hash, pytt-i-panna, means something along the lines of 'put it in the pan'. That pretty much describes this dish. Traditionally you'd use the leftovers from the Sunday roast to cook this dish.

Since I didn't have any leftovers I made mine from the ground up. But if you were to have some leftover roast, boiled potatoes and so on you can cook this really quickly.

As you can see I had a raw egg yoke with mine, if you don't like the idea of that you can always go for another traditional addition - a fried egg or two. As always, you should avoid raw egg if you are pregnant, elderly and so on.

You'll be hard pressed to find someone in Sweden serving Swedish Hash without pickled beetroots on the side, they definitively belong with this dish.

I haven't given any measurements etc for this dish since you basically use what you have left over. Generally speaking you can aim for equal amounts of beef and potato with about half the amount of onions.

This is a dish that you truly can freestyle to your hearts content, why not slice some chorizo and fry that together with the rest for example?

Potatoes, cubed
Beef, cubed
Onion, diced
Parsley, finely chopped
Egg yoke (optional)
Pickled beetroots

Put the potato cubes in a pan with some salted water. Bring this to the boil and let it boil for about two minutes. Drain and cool the potatoes.

Melt a good chunk of butter in a pan. Add the beef and fry until it starts to get some color. Add the onion and keep frying.

Once the onion starts to turn soft add the potatoes and more butter if the pan is running a bit dry.

Let the mixture fry until it the potatoes gets a nice and golden colour. Taste and season as you cook.

Garnish with the parsley, top with the egg and have some pickled beetroot slices on the side.



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  2. I take it that you might be trying this one at some stage in the future then? ;)

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  3. I miss this!!
    This was one of my favorites...
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