Sunday 21 September 2008

Ciabatta with Chicken Milanese

This is a nice way of using Chicken Milanese.

Split your ciabatta in half, put some Marinara sauce on the bottom half. Put two pieces of Chicken Milanese on top of that. Add some sliced tomatoes, top those with sliced buffalo mozzarella. Finish it all off with some salt and pepper on top off the mozzarella. If you got some, add torn fresh basil leaves and then put the top back on to the bread.

Heat in your sandwich press until the cheese melts nicely.



  1. Thanks for reminding me about cooking chicken this way. Back in the States, that sort of sandwich was very popular when I was growing up in the Stone Age. It was often served on a large Italian roll and called a chicken parmegiana 'hoagie.' Those are also called subs and other variations depending on location. I'm going to try this again!

  2. June,

    Thanks for your comment.

    These sandwiches are quite common in sandwich shops here in the UK too.

    I've had versions where they haven't been heated and you eat it cold too.

    Glad to know I've inspired you to re-create something you used to eat!

    // Mike


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