Sunday 14 September 2008

Can you have too many cookbooks?

This is my collection of cookbooks and cookery related books. Or at least 98% of it or so.

And no, I have not cooked at least one recipe from each cook book. This could be a good thing since I got titles like The Original Roadkill Cookbook in the collection.

I do admit that I am a cookbook-aholic, I probably keep a couple of traders on Amazon's Marketplace in business just by what I purchase on a regular basis. Most of them are serious cookbooks, some specialised and some general. But now and then I can't resists little gems like Star Wars Wookie Cookie Cookbook, The Wiseguy Cookbook or Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook. Who could resist titles like that?

I'm glad that there are some empty space in my new bookshelf, as well as some reclaimed floorspace, that means that I can keep on buying my loved cookbooks ;)

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