Wednesday 17 September 2008

Homemade Beef Jerky

I've always been a big fan of beef jerky. Since I got my own dehydrator I'm lucky enough to be able to make my own and I do quite a lot of experiments with different types of spices and marinades.

I normally use beef mince to make my jerky, as opposed to thinly sliced beef which is the normal way. Now that I got a Jerky Pistol it's even easier. You just fill the tube with mince, pull the trigger and it pushes out the mince in a neat fashion.

This particular batch has been marinated with chili powder and smoked paprika. Added to that was some pineapple chunks that I pulverized with my Bamix. Sounds like a weird combination but it works very nicely indeed.


  1. The combo does sound nice. I used to love beef jerky...not a fan of it anymore - I guess I've kinda grown out of it. But with that combo - I'd be willing to bring it back home - lol.


  2. It's a nice snack to have on your desk while mulling over customer problems.

    Get yourself a dehydrator and start experimenting with some flavour combinations! ;)

    // Mike


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