Friday 5 September 2008

Recipe - Asta's Tuna and Rice salad

This is an imitation of a tuna and rice salad that my maternal grandmother used to make for me. I don't think I'll ever be able to get my version as good as hers was, but it brings back good memories.

This is another one of these dishes that you can freestyle to your hearts content. You might not like the idea of leek, so use salad onions or why not red onions instead. Add some diced pepper if you like to. Go by your own preferences and stomach, you can't really go wrong that way.

If you don't want to play around with creating your own dressing you can just use some store bought stuff. Thousand Island works great with this salad for example.

This is one of those dishes that benefits quite a lot from being left in the fridge over night. That way the flavours really gets a chance to mix together and make it taste even better.

Cooked rice, cooled properly (I used about 2 cups)
2 small cans of tuna in brine, drained and flaked
Garden peas, defrosted
1 small can of corn, drained
Cucumber, halved, de-seeded and sliced thinly
Tomatoes, cut into wedges
Leek, halved and sliced thinly

Tabasco Smoked Chipotle Sauce
Lemon juice

Boiled egg(s), peeled and cut into wedges

Mix all of the ingredients for the salad in a big bowl and season to taste. Cover the bowl with some cling film. Put the bowl in the fridge for at least an hour or two so the flavours can mingle a bit.

In the meantime make your dressing by mixing the ingredients until you get the flavour and consistency you want.

To serve put the salad onto plates, garnish with eggs and apply dressing to taste.



  1. We thank Grandmother for this recipe...looks mighty yummy.


  2. OH yea, and I love anything with peas - lol.

  3. Darius, as always: Many thanks.

    This is a quite good base for different types of salads. You can use prawns, pork or why not fried or barbecued chicken breasts.

    // Mike


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