Friday 15 August 2008

Recipe - Thai(ish) Steak Salad

This was my first attempt at making a Thai Steak Salad. It could have been better, but it could also have been much worse.

I'm sure my next version of it will be a bit different. I'll probably try to slice the steak a bit thinner, maybe add some more 'soft greens'. But hey ho, it tasted nice and I'm looking forward to the next version already.

Adjust the ingredients to the amount of servings you are planning for. Also, I use individual steaks. That way I can have have it my way and other guests can have theirs cremated if they wish.


80 ml fresh lime juice (about 3 limes)
1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp peeled fresh ginger
1 tbsp Thai fish sauce (Nam Pla)
1 to 2 tsp chile paste with garlic (I used Red Thai Paste)

Olive Oil
1 steak per person (I used sirloin)

Thinly sliced red cabbage
Thinly sliced radish
Red chicory,
Julienne-cut carrot
Finely chopped unsalted, dry-roasted peanuts

To make the dressing - put all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk until well combined. Put to the side.

Season your steak(s) to your liking and then fry them until done your way. Put to the side to let the meat rest. Once rested slice into slices, thin or thick - your choice.

To prepare the salad, combine all the ingredients, keeping some of the peanuts for later, in a large bowl. Pour about half the dressing into the bowl. Toss well.

To serve, plate up the salad. Put the steak on top in a nice fashion. Sprinkle with some more of the peanuts. Drizzle the last of the dressing evenly over the steaks.



  1. I've only had a couple of brief holidays in Thailand, but I reckon what really makes their beef salads sing is the use of very thinly sliced fillet steak. If you can afford it, it's worth picking up a good bit of fillet, just because the texture lends itself beautifully to salads like this and by cooking it blue, you'll get a good bit of flavour out.

    Of course, another distinguishing feature of Thai salads is the chilli. I like my food hot but... dear God... salads in Thailand knocked me for six!

    I'd like to say that I like your style of improvisation very much. Many food bloggers cook from recipes constantly. Aidan Brooks is one exception that springs to mind but... other than that, yours and (most of the time) my blog, I can't think of many. Do point me in the direction of any I've missed!

  2. Ros,

    I haven't been fortunate enough to make it to Thailand yet so I can only reference to pictures and recipes so far. The idea with the fillet is really good, will have to try that next time.

    Many thanks for your kind words about my blog!

  3. We would like to feature your steak salad on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)



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