Monday 11 August 2008

Didcot Farmers Market

This Saturday gone I ventured over to Didcot Farmers Market together with Solo and Mumsy. The Market is at The Orchard Centre every second Saturday of the month. It starts at 08:30 and finishes at 13:30.

Given the fairly early starting time we got up well early. The sacrifices I make for good food at times, eh? ;) We arrived a bit early and the vendors were still setting up their stalls.

There wasn't an astonishing amount of stalls but the produce was, at least to our eyes, of very high quality. There was purveyors of meat, cheese, seafood, fruit, herbs and more. There was also stalls specialising in a narrower field, like quince and apple juice.

Everyone there was very friendly and helpful. If you wanted to sample something for taste? No problem, have a taster.

We left with quite a variety of goods. Raspberries, hot quince jelly, pork belly, blackberries, Crazy cheddar and faggot. I'm sure I've left something out. There were some other stuff that really tempted me, like dressed crabs but that will have to wait until next time. It's always good to have something to look forward to.

I tend to visit quite a lot of farmers markets, farm shops and so on so I'm getting more and more critical of them. Didcot Farmers Market was good though. Maybe not as big as some other markets but what was there was generally of a high quality. For example, Reading Farmers Market probably has more stalls but I never get the same feeling of high quality when it comes to the products there. That market also lacks one very important ingredient, atmosphere. Something which Didcot Farmers Market had.

All in all, if you don't mind a fairly early start, do head over to Didcot Farmers Market on the second Saturday of the month. It's well worth a visit.

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