Wednesday 13 August 2008

Recipe - Polenta with mushrooms and sage

I had never cooked with polenta before, but what the heck...

You could make this dish seriously sexy by using some nice mushrooms like chanterelles and so on. This time I had to do with some normal sliced closed cup mushrooms but next time, oh yeah!

Make sure to season the polenta quite a lot since it doesn't have that much of a flavour in itself. It calls for quite a lot of parmesan, at least if you like parmesan as much as I do. Don't forget to season the polenta some more.

I haven't included any measurements, besides the butter, in this recipe, basically just freestyle it to suit the amount of people you cook for. I cooked this as dinner for myself but with some nice mushrooms and maybe a bit prettier presentation you could probably serve it as a starter.

Last but not least, season the polenta a bit more!

Instant polenta
Parmesan, grated - to taste (some shavings too if you want too)
Butter (approx 50g per serving + a good dollop for the frying)
Mushrooms - halved, quartered or sliced.
Sage, shredded - to taste

Cook the polenta according to the instructions on the package. Then beat in the cheese and butter and season liberally. Make sure that the polenta is quite soft and sumptous.

Melt butter in a pan and cook the mushrooms until golden, if you use a mushroom that can turn golden. Turn in the sage and stir.

Serve the polenta with the mushrooms and sage on top. Add some extra parmesan shavings if you want to make it a bit more purdy.



  1. I bet this would go great with that roasted pork belly. Um, but I'm no mushroom all. I'd do this though - but nix the mushrooms. Roasted leeks instead maybe? Maybe even sun dried tomatoes.


  2. Darius,

    you know what I'll say... ;)

    Just freestyle the recipe to suit your own taste! ;)

    Roasted or butter fried leeks could work, maybe a mix of roasted veg?

    Go for whatever you think would taste ok. If it doesn't taste ok, take note and try something else!

  3. Sorry to leave this here, but my husband told me the recipe I gave you earlier is wrong. I tried to find a link to the recipe online but no dice.

    Apparently it's the Basic Rolled Biscuits recipe from Joy of Cooking. If you're interested I can type it up for you. Just let me know.

  4. And no sooner did I type the first comment then I found it...scroll down to Basic Rolled Biscuits on this page:

  5. Many thanks for the biscuit recipe. I'll make sure to forward it to my friend. I'm already looking forward to the next version/try. ;)

  6. Have you tried cooking the polenta in stock instead of plain water and/or milk? It gives it a bit of extra flavour. Chopped herbs help too and I can never get enough parmesan in my polenta!

    I make this (or similar) to have with sausages- my favourite game and white one ones usually.

  7. Ros,

    That's an awesome idea. I'll have to test that next time. Should have thought of that... ;)


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