Tuesday 19 August 2008

I survived the party...

The party went ahead as planned and I dare say that all guests were well fed and happy by the time they left. It was quite an experience to do the food planning, food shopping and cooking of this.
I'd do it again. There will be adjustments to how I do things, but that's what you get from an experience like this. I didn't really want to see mince for a day or two after having made 92 burgers from scratch but things like that pass.
I'd like to thank everyone for being good sports and not complaining too much about the fare. ;)
Sorry about the lack of pictures but to tell the truth, I was busy as hell and I thought I'd rather have everything prepared and ready than cute piccies for my readers. ;)
Here's some facts from the party
- 51 guests in total
- 92 burgers were made and barbecued
- 7.2 kg of pork was slowly barbecued and then turned into pulled pork
- 72 sausages were bought and barbecued/grilled
- 1.2 kg bortolli beans were converted into bbq beans together with some added ingredients
- 4 tin-foil parcels containing salmon, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and red onion were prepared for the fishatarians.
- Mushrooms were sliced and fried for the vegetarians
- 200 burger and sausage buns were bought
- North Carolina Barbecue Sauce was made
- White Alabama Barbecue Sauce was made
- Blue cheese and creme fraiche sauce were made
- Coleslaw was made and dressed in mayo free dressing
- Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onions and gherkins were sliced to be used with the burgers and sausages
- 96 cupcakes were baked, iced and eaten
- Sheadloads of ales, lagers, ciders and soft drinks were chilled and enjoyed
- 1 bouncy castle, in a awesome Spiderman theme, were inflated and thoroughly bounced at
- Loud and flashy fireworks were fired

BBQ beans getting ready to go into the oven

The pork is enjoying a rest on the barbie.

Salmon parcelled and ready for the fridge

Trugs full of beverages

People even decided to turn up...

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