Sunday 16 March 2008

Recipe - Chilli Dogs

Ahh, the classic Chilli Dog. How I wish we had those when I was growing up...

I don't know where I got my fascination for chilli dogs from but it's deeply rooted. They're really nothing special, a hot dog with chilli on top of it. Not really rocket science, is it? But still damned good.

Once, in Boston, I even risked life, limb and a relationship to have a chilli dog before calling home to tell that I was ok and that the flight was just fine. Silly, but worth it. ;)

There are so many variations on the hot dog theme that you really can't run out of ways of eating them. Today, after re-reading The Great American Hot Dog Book, I tried deep frying the hot dog instead of frying/grilling it. That worked just fine, Glaswegian Cuisine at its finest. :)


Onion, chopped
Chilies, sliced (with or without the seeds - depending on how hot you want it)
Chopped Tomatoes
Hot Sauce
Chipotle Paste

Hot Dog
Hot Dog, cooked
Hot Dog Bun
Pickled Gherkins, sliced


Start by browning the mince. Add the onion and chilies and keep frying. Season and add the hot stuff. Once the mince is nice and browned just add in the tomatoes and let it simmer until reduced to the required consistency.

When the mince is done you can build your hot dog the normal way, adding whatever condiments you like/crave, I was going to add cheese to mine too but I forgot in the heat of battle. Then just top off with enough chilli to suit your preference.

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