Sunday 9 March 2008

Farm shops are evil...

It's always dangerous to when I get to a farm shop. I do tend buy far too many and far too silly things. As you can see from these pictures, I'm a sucker for anything hot and spicy.

Me and a friend managed to visit three farm shops this weekend. Two of which were awesome and one that I'd call the equivalent of a 'gastro pub out of a box'. We didn't just get my silly stuff, we also got some bacon, sausages etc for a fry up.

Sitting at the table this morning munching away on some of the bacon I couldn't help but reflect on the difference between the normal bacon and this. If you have a proper farm shop nearby, visit it. Buy something just to make sure that they don't go out of business. I have no problem buying the bulk of my stuff from the big chains, but I like to have the choice of getting some 'proper' stuff from a farm shop now and then. I realise that I must support them to have them there, and I hope you do too!

End of rant! ;)

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