Wednesday 19 March 2008

Book Review - Digital Food Photography

I bought Digital Food Photography quite a while ago and thought that I'd finally put a review up here.

The book is divided up into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 - The Key Ingredient: Pixels
Chapter 2 - Digital Photography: The Necessities
Chapter 3 - Who’s Digesting It: Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations, and the Media
Chapter 4 - Who’s Doing the Cooking: Working with Food Stylists
Chapter 5 - Prop Styling: Who’s Doing the Shopping?
Chapter 6 - Grabbing Your Attention: Composition
Chapter 7 - The Recipe for Light
Chapter 8 - The Digital Spice: Retouching
Chapter 9 - Get Cooking and Make Some Money: Getting into the Business

This book covers quite a few subjects as you can see from the chapter listing. You'll pick up some tricks of the trade like how they use glue instead of milk when shooting corn flakes. There's also lengthy advise in regards on lighting on different budgets etc.

The photos in it are very appetising and the examples are good. I like this book and don't regret buying it but there's still something wrong about it that I can't really put my finger on. There's something lacking, but I just can't pinpoint exactly what it is. I'm sure to be using the lighting chapter a lot more once I got my new lighting setup.

All in all I must say that it's worth buying if you are into food photography/blogging.

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