Sunday 16 March 2008

Photo update - Inside Out Burgers

Inside Out Burgers and Twice Cooked Fries. Tasty!

One of my most talked about and requested recipes is the one for Inside Out Burgers. Whenever I throw a barbie I have to defend these puppies with my life - otherwise I won't get any myself. Since the original post didn't have any pictures I thought I'd better add some. Since it was such a nice day here in the UK I thought it was a good idea to fire up the old barbecue. It was perfect UK barbie weather, gales and rain. Doesn't get much better here. ;)

A stack of toasted burger bun tops.

Fries resting after their first dip in the fryer. Half way there to becoming twice cooked fries.

This is how I build the inside out burgers. I put half of the mince for one pattie in a frying ring. Then I add in the filling. As you can see I used blue cheese in todays offering. To finish off I top it with the second half of the mince and then gently pat them to make sure that the filling is properly closed in.

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