Friday 21 March 2008

How I ended up planning a barbecue when we got a forecast for snow

Some times I wonder if even junkies gets as hooked as us foodies do.

It must have been Tuesday night that I headed in to one of the local super markets here. Stressing through the shop to get the stuff I needed for my Sausage Stroganoff I ran past the meat section. Even at speed I noticed that they had a very good deal on pork joints.

I spent the evening cooking and chilling, all the while I had that pork joint deal in the back of my mind. What can you do with a pork joint? Besides the out right rude, I was thinking along the lines of maybe a traditional Sunday roast.

The Sunday roast idea quite quickly waned, not Freestyle enough I'm afraid.

So what to do? The idea of all those pork joints being turned into a normal, or even dull, meal by housewives really grated on me. At least one of these pork joints should end up being given the full Freestyle treatment.

In the end I had to fall back to my trusty old friend, the barbecue. Why not get the smoker going and slow cook it on the barbecue? Get myself a small, handy, pork joint and just make myself a couple of simple pulled pork sandwiches.

Did it stop there? Did it hell...

So, come Sunday I will be barbecuing my 3.5kg/7.7lb pork joint. What was supposed to be a couple of simple pulled pork sandwiches have now turned into a fully blown barbecue with at least two sides to go with the sandwiches. If everything goes to plan there will even be home baked biscuits, of the American South variety - not the sweet variety. It was just supposed to be some simple grub for myself, but now I'm having people add their interest in helping me. That is helping me eat the end product. Posting this might give me a couple of extra calls and texts from people inviting themselves.

To make things even more ridiculous, the bloody thing will have to spend 6 - 8 hours or so on the barbecue. The weather forecast for here ranges between cold and rainy to cold and snowy. Perfect weather to run in and out of the house basting a pork joint.

But sod all that, I get to make myself some good food and hopefully feed some friends and hangarounds.

Since it's barbecue time I will be wearing a barbecue approved Hawaiian shirt, even if I have to wear it outside my coat! A mans gotta do and all that...

Y'all got my contact details if you want some pork! ;)

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