Wednesday 11 February 2015

Recipe - Prosciutto Roses on Watermelon Cubes

Yeah, I know - this isn't much of a recipe is it? But I kind of liked the flavors and it looked quite nice. Hopefully the picture above does it a little bit of justice.

The inspiration from this came from the TV-series Hannibal. Yup, that series. About the cannibal. There's some lovely cooking and plating displayed through both series so far, I hope this continues in season three as well.

This specific dish was mentioned in episode six of series two - Futamono - where it is served during a dinner party. I actually served this when a couple of friends were over for dinner so I guess that counts as a smaller dinner party. One guest was a bit doubtful as to if she should turn up or not when I mentioned on Twitter that one of the courses would be influenced by Hannibal.

A final note about the TV-series, I found that if you combine watching a couple of episodes back to back whilst having a very high fever it gives you some awesome dreams later that night. ;)

As you can see from the picture I need more practice in the art of making the prosciutto look like roses but that's something I'm happy to do. As long as I get to eat the end product.

Good quality prosciutto, pork based unless you are Hannibal
Watermelon, cut into squares

Take a slice of prosciutto and twist it into a long strand. Tightly wrap it into a rosette, trying to make it look like  a rose.

Position the 'rose' on a piece of watermelon and secure it with a cut to size cocktail stick or similar.

Repeat until all prosciutto is used up.


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