Thursday 16 June 2011

Recipe - Beef Burger Sandwiches with Sriracha Onions

This time I think the title of the recipe is fairly accurate. These burgers contains beef. Nothing more - nothing less.

They are actually inspired by a documentary about burgers I watched a couple of years ago. Yes, I watch documentaries about burgers - so sue me. ;)

Getting back to the documentary, it talked about how some of the first burger restaurants served their burgers on toasted white bread and how they just added some seasoning to the burgers as they fried.

These burgers were my attempt to try and recreate the work of these pioneers.

The real star of this particular show though - the Sriracha onions. The few hardy souls who have followed this blog for some time know that I simply adore Sriracha chili sauce. This was just another attempt to get some more Sriracha into my diet.

I should warn those of you that are afraid of heat and flavour in your food - stay well clear of these onions. Just walk away. Don't even think of it. Shooo - off you go.

Ok, that should leave the more hardened readers and adventurous eaters. Let's head over to the recipe.

Ingredients (made two Mikey-sized burgers)
1 Yellow onion, halved and thinly sliced
Sriracha sauce, to taste
Olive oil
2 slices of white bread
Mayonnaise (optional)
300g beef mince
Cheese slices (optional)

Mix the onion slices with some Sriracha sauce to taste in a bowl. Add a little bit of olive oil and give it a good stir. Cover and pop in the fridge to marinade - preferably over night.

When it's time to start cooking add the onion mixture to a frying pan on a low-medium heat and let it cook for at least 25 minutes. Stir frequently.

Toast or grill the bread. Put to the side.

Make two patties out of the mince. Be careful and don't work the mince too much.

Season the patties with salt and pepper. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan on medium heat and add the patties, seasoned side down.

Fry for a couple of minutes. Season and flip.

Fry for another couple of minutes until done to your liking.

If you want to, spread some mayonnaise on the bread. Flop on the burger patties and portion out the onions on top.

If you feel like it - add a slice of cheese or two and let them melt under the grill.



  1. I too am a believer that there's very little out there that couldn't do with a little Sriracha. I do Sriracha mayo on my burgers all the time, but have never thought to infuse it into the onions. Good tip!

  2. I love the heat any way I can get it! I regularly use Sriracha or chipotle puree to add zip to my recipes. The onions sound like a perfect burger topper!

  3. I love beef burger and that so delicious


  4. I love beef burger as well. The burger on the picture looks delicious.

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  5. I love the idea of putting onions on top of the burger. This makes the burger a bit healthier. Onions are known to lower blood pressure and make the heart healthier too.

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  6. I agree that combining onions and other vegetables like tomatoes makes the food healthier. This will give you the assurance of a balanced diet. Always remember that you have to moderate yourself in eating fatty foods.


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