Tuesday 3 May 2011

Time for a reboot...

I know that I've been bad and haven't updated this blog for a long, long time but it is soon time to do something about that.

Work and other things have taken far too much time and I just haven't had the mojo to cook and blog.

However, I can feel the urge for the blogging coming back and there are some events on the horizon that will give me more time as well as some things to write about...

Keep your eyes peeled and you'll soon find some new material and maybe some layout changes as well.

// Mike


  1. Vad glad jag blir! Välkommen tillbaka!

  2. Annika,

    Tack for de snalla orden, de varmde verkligen. Speciellt nar de kommer fran dig.

    Grattis till den nya adressen forresten - mycket val fortjant! Jag har uppdaterat lanken till dig pa bloggen ocksa.

    // Mike


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// Mike