Saturday 14 May 2011

How the hell did I cook this?

I guess this is what I deserve for leaving stuff unblogged for so long.

This photo have been sitting in a 'draft post' for so long that I just can't remember how I cooked this dish.

Meatballs, in some sauce, I think.... Not much of a recipe really, is it?

I guess I'll try and remember what inspired me to cook it and get back with a recipe for it at some stage.

In the meantime - it's sort of a nice photo....


  1. Hi Mike,
    Popped in from Jan's (Glug of Oil) Sure looks inviting. Now, I too am curious...

    Thanks for sharing...

    P.S. If this wasn't my first visit, I probably would have blamed it on a "senior" moment, lol...

  2. Hi Louise,

    I'm glad to see that you found your way here.

    I've racked my memory and I think what I did involved some passata, onions, chipotle chilis and slow cooking in the oven. But I'm not sure...

    That 'senior moment' guess might not be too far off the target ;)

    // Mike

  3. I often throw concoctions together and warn diners not to enjoy it too much. I may not remember what I did.

    However, whatever, it looks delicious!!! (I'm sure the slow cooking melded the ingredients beautifully:)

    Thanks again...

  4. I do that all the time - get so behind with blogging I've no idea how I made the recipe!
    Looks good, so try to think what did you do to make it? lol

  5. Jan,

    I sometimes end up doing almost the opposite too. I cook and eat and then think - I should have blogged that. Bit tough to do when all you got left is a empty plate. ;)

    My memory are starting to return a bit - what I might do is cook another version of it and blog that instead.

    // Mike

  6. This has to be the best title for a blog post "How the hell did I cook this?" Brilliant!

  7. It is a fairly original title for a post on a foodblog...

    Maybe I should have a competition where I ask people to submit recipes so I could find out how I cooked it? ;)

  8. Mike,

    Found your blog while doing some stuff at work and can't help but love it!
    (I work in a chef supplying wholesaler, not quite where I wanted my love of food to get me, but hey!)

    I may be going a bit blind, but have you blogged the recipe?
    Want to try it myself :)



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