Wednesday 1 July 2009

Recipe - Smoked Mackerel Salad

Greetings from tropical Oxfordshire.

As you might understand from that start, it's still hot as hell here at the moment. Too hot for warm food so I'm continuing with my salads.

This is one is (almost) just a matter of assembling cold bits and pieces into a nice and chilled meal. The only exception is that you will have to boil your potatoes.

I ate this cold but it works as a warm salad in winter too. Just assemble it once the potatoes are warm enough to handle and it will become a winter warmer instead of a summer cooler.

As always, just add and subtract ingredients to make this dish into something you like. You guessed it, freestyle it! ;)

You might notice that I'm not listing salt and pepper in the ingredient list - that is because I used peppered smoked mackerel which are salted and peppered well from the start.

Mixed salad
Boiled new potatoes, halved or quartered
Smoked mackerel, flaked (watch out for any remaining bones)
Radishes, quartered
Spring onions, sliced
Creme Fraiche
Lemon Juice

Put the salad on a plate.

Put the potatoes, mackerel, radishes and spring onion together in a bowl. Mix in Creme Fraiche, one spoon at a time, until it's all coated but not drowning in Creme Fraiche. Add lemon juice to taste.

Add the mix on top of the salad.



  1. Rökt makrill - det är ju hur gott som helst. Hade nästan glömt bort att det "finns". Tack för tipset - det låter som en riktigt god sallad!

  2. Men Annika, hur kan du glomma rokt makrill? ;)

    Jag har det ganska ofta faktiskt. Det finns sa manga varianter att det ar latt att variera. Allt ifran den normala pepparsmaken till sojasas marinerade.

    I bland far det bli bara makrill och potatis, ibland en sallad som den har. Eller varfor inte pa en macka med lite gront och en kall ol.

    // Mike

  3. Sounds like a recipe for indigestion. Leave out the radishes and it may just be palatable

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I guess that we got different stomachs and various tolerances to different food types. This didn't give me any indigestion at all but it might do that for you.

    As always, just freestyle it to suit you, your stomach and your own tastebuds.

    Even if you don't think that you'd be able to enjoy this specific recipe I hope that you'll find something else on this site that you'll like.

    // Mike


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// Mike