Friday 3 July 2009

Pimp my Magimix

I'm off on a short holiday at the moment and didn't have time to prepare a 'proper' post for today.

Instead you'll have to admire my latest toy. A great addition to my arsenal of kitchen appliances. I haven't even had time to use it before I head off for holiday. However, when I come back I'm looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

Oh yeah, the flames are not standard and you can't add them as an optional extra from Magimix either. ;)

Until next week...


  1. Oooh what are the decals actually for/ from? ME WANT to pimp my magimix too!

  2. Hi Mike, I've given you a well earned award! Check my blog :)

  3. Kavita,

    What are the stickers for? Ehh... Dang, do I have to think of a reason now? Ehh... To make it look a bit more fun/different? Also, it is a bonus if it winds some traditionalists up. ;)

    I found them on a eBay shop, the link is here:


    Many thanks! Will rush on over and have a look straight away.

    // Mike


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