Thursday 13 November 2008

Quick emergency lunch

Wasabi salmon doesn't really taste good the day after so I didn't have any leftovers to reheat for lunch.

The option of eating in our canteen here at work is about as appealing as having my eyes pierced with needles at the same time as my ballsack is being lowered into a vat of battery acid.

You doubt me? Let's just say that the guys in our canteen are so ignorant that they put garlic bread in the column for 'Vegetable of the day' on the menu. I shit thee not!

Enough ranting about them and back to the improvised lunch....

I had some boiled new potatoes left over from the salmon meal so I sliced those up. After making a quick inventory of the fridge I found some hotdogs which I also sliced up and then I chopped an onion. All of that went into a frying pan together with some seasoning until nicely cooked.

I transferred that to a plate and then quickly fried a couple of eggs which I popped on top of it all.

Easy, filling and best of all - I didn't have to give away my hard earned cash to the catering company that runs our canteen. ;)


  1. LOL - don't you just LOVE emergency lunches?


  2. Stekt potatis med korv och ägg är ju en toppenlunch.
    Det där med vitlöksbrödet är ju bara hysteriskt kul. Jag förutsätter att det är baserat på en autentisk händelse?
    Vad är det med lunchmatsalar egentligen barför är maten alltid så hemsk på sådana ställen?!


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