Tuesday 11 November 2008

Mondays suck and all I wanted was some easy food...

Mondays normally aren't very good and today has been one of the bad ones. I think that holidays in my team should be needs based from now on. Based on my needs and not the needs of my minions. ;)

For once I couldn't even think of anything to cook, all I could think of was to get home and spend the better part of the evening in my World Domination Chair.

As always I needed something to eat, but what? Thankfully the Chinese restaurant downstairs is closed on Mondays so I couldn't fall for that easy temptation. Since I don't have a doorbell it's too much peering out of the balcony doors involved if I want to order from Domino's.

In the end I came up with a sort of a compromise. Something to eat that didn't take too much effort. I figured that a baked Camembert with some vegetables to dip in it would be ace.

As you can see from the picture things didn't go to plan. The bloody box decided to burst and the cheesy goodness leaked out instead of staying nicely inside the rind.

The rest of the evening was spent in my World Domination Chair plotting revenge on the stupid cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys that make Lanquetot Camembert. Well, not really. But I wasn't happy.

Mr Waitrose, can I have my money back for that cheese in a crap box please?


  1. i think you are supposed to cut a cross into the top of the cheese b4 you bake it. i think yours burst the box cos you didnt do that!!

  2. Penelope,

    I've never cut a cross when I've done this beofre. The real reason for it bursting was that the box was just laminated/glued and not stapled together. The heat made the glue nice and liquid and the box de-laminated.

    // Mike


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