Monday 16 July 2007

Recipe - Inside Out Cheese and Bacon Burgers

This is a recipe for some of the best burgers you'll ever taste. You'll notice that I don't give much in form of measurements for the filling, just go with what feels right. You can of course add or subtract to the list of fillings, chopped pickled jalapenos could for example work very well.

Inside Out Cheese and Bacon Burgers
- Makes 4 burgers

500g mince - pork,beef or a combination
One medium egg
A couple of rashers of streaky bacon, cooked crispy and chopped into small pieces
Finely diced onion
Grated mature cheddar
Worcestershire sauce
Hot Sauce, can be left out if you don't want to 'kick' the burgers up a bit
Salt and pepper

Put the mince in a mixing bowl and crack the egg into the bowl. Add salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce to taste.

Mix it all up well, using your hands. Divide the mince into four smaller parts. Now divide each part into two.

Make thin patties out of each eight of mince. Put four of them down on a plate and put cheese, onion and fried bacon in the middle. Top each with another pattie and seal them.

Place the burgers on a pre-heated barbecue and cook to desired doneness.

Serve on burger buns that have been toasted on the barbie for a little while and put on your favorite condiments.



  1. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of your inside-out burgers. Teamed with a lovely Dolcelatte filling, they went down a treat at my BBQ this weekend.

  2. Lou,

    No problems at all. I'm really glad that you and your guests liked them.

    You can't really go wrong with them. I still haven't found anyone who doesn't like them.

    The variations are endless and they can be made to suit most tastes.

    // Mike


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