Friday 11 December 2009

Review/Christmas present idea: Interflora Christmas Hampers

When I first was asked if I was interested in sampling and reviewing one of Interfloras Christmas hampers I was a bit hesitant. The reason for that was that it wouldn't be much use if I was to review one of them since I'm allergic to most flowers that are considered to be traditional Christmas flowers.

I did not have to worry though, this nice hamper does not have a flower near it. If you want flowers from them you should have a look at their Christmas flowers instead.

This hamper makes a very nice present, especially for someone you won't be able to see in person over Christmas. They'll get it delivered straigt to home in a very safe and quick fashion.

The hamper I got to sample contains the following:

- Healthy Ideas Luxury Fruit & Nut Mix
- The Old Chapel Bakery Luxury Hand Made Mince Pies
- Maxwell & Franks Iced Fruit Cake
- Franks Luxury Biscuits Choc Chunk & Orange Mini Oat Biscuits
- Elizabeth Shaw Amaretto Flutes
- Kitchen Recipe Hand Made Vanilla Fudge
- Cotes de Luberon Blanc Appellation Luberon Controlee 2008
- Cotes de Luberon Rouge Appellation Luberon Controlee 2008

I haven't tried the white wine yet but since the rest of the stuff tasted really nice, I have no doubts that it will be well tasty too.

So, if you need a tasty Christmas hamper delivered for Christmas you could do much worse than with one of these.

Extra bonus tip: If you want some nice decorations for your table, have a look at


  1. Hej
    Här var det trevliga recept! Och jag har sett tillräcklig många matlagningsprogram på engelska för att förstå vad du skriver. För ett par år sedan hade jag lämnat sidan på stört!
    Kul att hitta hit!
    / Lena

  2. Lena,

    Tackar sa mycket! Det ar verkligen skoj att du hittade hit och att du gillar vad du ser.

    Om det ar nagot du undrar over i recepten, skicka bara ett mail eller logga en kommentar sa lovar jag att forsoka fortydliga mig sjalv.

    Ibland blir det lite forvirrat nar man ar fodd med ett sprak men lever med ett annat ;)

    // Mike

  3. Oh you actually got one did you? I was approached by them to post about their hampers and flowers. They sent me the flowers but not the hamper. I rarely do posts for PR companies but I do actually love hampers and had some stuff to say about them.
    However I never received the hamper! So cannot judge whether it was good or not...

  4. Yeah, I got sent one of them. Flowers would have been a bit wasted on me due to allergies ;)

    I was a bit surprised by InterFlora doing hampers but as hampers go I quite liked it.

    It was not like a hamper from Harrod's or something on that level but if you judge it on price I think it was well put together and worth its money.

    I saw some other reviews around the UK 'blogosphere' so there was a couple of these sent out.

    // Mike

  5. I run a hamper company we took two large corporate orders for clients who had been "let down" by Interflora.
    We met their orders and they were more than happy to actaully have the hampers delivered.


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