Wednesday 12 August 2009

Recipe - Steak Strips with Pasta in a Creamy Wine and Dijon Sauce

This is a fairly quick and easy recipe for a very tasty pasta dish. Season the steak well and let it be offset by the creamyness of the sauce.

You can serve this with a side salad and/or some nice roasted cherry tomatoes.

It's such a quick dish that I think we should head straight over to the recipe...

250g pappardelle pasta
300g - 400g frying steak, thinly sliced into strips
Olive oil
100 ml white wine
200 ml double cream
10 ml dijon mustard
10 ml fresh oregano leaves, roughly torn

Season the steak strips well. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the strips until done. Remove and keep warm.

Add the white wine to the same pan and bring to a simmer, making sure to deglaze the pan well. Once the wine has reduced to about half of its original volume stir in the cream, mustard and oregano. Let this simmer until nice and thick, this should take about 5 - 10 minutes.

In the meantime, boil the pasta per the instructions on the packaging. Drain well, return to the pan and pour on the cream sauce. Mix well.

Plate the pasta and add the strips of steak on top.



  1. Helt klart en pasta i min smak! Ska ha den i åtanke inför framtida middagar.

  2. Snabbt och gott - mer kan man inte fraga efter ibland. Jag hoppas att du gillar det om du testar det nagon dag.

    // Mike


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