Thursday 17 July 2008

The Kitchen - work still very much in progress...

I'm slowly getting there. ;) I decided to keep the heavy machinery on the surfaces to the left in the kitchen and use the right hand surfaces as my working surfaces. The only exceptions is my deep fat fryer and my Bamix, they both need to be close to the working areas/hob.

As you can see I still need to figure out what goes where when it comes to my cupboard staples and so on, but the plan is slowly coming together.


  1. Your kitchen looks like it is really coming together. It takes a bit of time, but soon it will always seem like it was this way!


  2. Dear God! No wonder my kitchen was crowded with all our stuff in it!

  3. I find it interesting that in Europe the washing machine is frequently in the kitchen, but in the states we want it anywhere else but the kitchen

  4. Laura,

    It's not like that all over Europe. In Sweden, and most of the other Nordic countries I believe, you'll normally find the washing machine in either the bathroom or in a special utility room.

    I'd much prefer to have it somewhere else, it would give me more cupboard space but I guess the old saying of "When in Rome..." rules this time...


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