Monday 13 August 2007

Recipe - North Carolina Pulled Pork with North Carolina Coleslaw and North Carolina Vinegar Sauce

This is another recipe I got from the How To Grill book that I reviewed in an earlier post. I must say that the result was really good. However, I felt a bit lazy so I made this North Carolina Cleavered Pork instead of Pulled Pork. ;)

This is a recipe where you can't rush things, let the pork slowly get up to the right temperature. If you rush it you'll not get the right result.

There are some pictures of the progress below the recipe.

North Carolina Pulled Pork with North Carolina Coleslaw and North Carolina Vinegar Sauce
- Serves 10 to 12

North Carolina Pulled Pork
1 pork roast 2 - 3 kg (I used boneless shoulder joint)
3 - 4 tablespoons of barbecue rub

Mop Sauce
1 cup Cider Vinegar
1/2 cup water
1 - 2 jalapeno peppers, thinly sliced
1 small onion, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon coarse salt
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes

North Carolina Vinegar Sauce - makes about 2 1/2 cups
2 cups Cider vinegar
3 tablespoons ketchup
2 tablespoons brown sugar
4 teaspoons coarse salt
1 tablespoon Tabasco or other hot sauce
1 to 2 teaspoons hot red pepper flakes, or more to taste
1 to 2 teaspoons black pepper

North Carolina Coleslaw
1 small head green or savoy cabbage (about 1 kg)
1 cup North Carolina Vinegar Sauce

For serving
3 cups North Carolina Vinegar Sauce
10 to 12 Hamburger, or other, buns

North Carolina Pulled Pork
Sprinkle the pork on all sides with the rub and then work it into the meat using your hands. Ideally you should now let the pork rest in the fridge, covered, for up to 24 hours. The longer you let it sit the more flavour it will get.

Set up your barbecue for indirect grilling. Add your wood chips or pellets to the barbecue preheat to high until you see smoke, then reduce the heat to medium-low.

Place the pork, fat-side up, on the cool side of the barbecue. Cover the barbecue and cook the pork until very tender, 4 - 6 hours (about 90C/195F on a meat thermometer) After 1 hour, baste the pork with the mop sauce; repeat every hour.

Transfer the pork to a cutting board, cover loosely with aluminium foil and let rest for 15 minutes. When ready to serve pull off the skin and fat. Finely chop the crisp skin with a cleaver, to add to the pulled pork or discard. Discard the fat. Pull the pork into pieces or use a cleaver to chop it. Transfer the shredded pork to a roasting pan, or similar, and stir in 1 - 1 1/2 cups of the vinegar sauce, enough to keep the pork moist. Cover with aluminium foil and keep warm.

To serve, put the pork on hamburger buns and top with coleslaw. Serve any remaining vinegar sauce on the side.

Mop Sauce
Combine all the ingredients in a non-reactive bowl, and stir until the salt and brown sugar dissolves.

North Carolina Vinegar Sauce
Combine all the ingredients in a non-reactive mixing bowl and whisk until the salt and brown sugar dissolve. Taste for seasoning, adding hot pepper flakes if needed. Transfer the sauce to clean jars and store in the refridgerator. It will keep for several months.

North Carolina Coleslaw
Core the cabbage and remove the outside leaves. Cut the cabbage into chunks and finely chop it in a food processor. Transfer the cabbage to a nonreactive mixing bowl and toss with the vinegar sauce. Taste for seasoning, adding vinegar sauce as necessary.


Having just been rubbed

Thermometer attached

On the barbie

Lid down, time to cook

Mopping sauce

After one hour

North Carolina Vinegar Sauce and Mopping Sauce

Two thirds there

Looking good

North Carolina Coleslaw

On the chopping board

Being cleaver(ed) ;)

The end result

Time to eat

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  1. Great blog!

    That looks great. I'm not sure if that's the same exact cut as a Boston Butt in the US, but if it's the shoulder and skinless, it probably is.

    Thanks for reading Get Your Grill On too. Want to write for it?


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