Wednesday 8 April 2015

Quick Tip - Chilli Dogs

Here we go again, another one of these so called recipes where I basically just assemble some ready bought stuff with some freezer finds. Still - it's good.
One of the handiest things to cook in big batches is mince chilli. A couple of bags of that in the freezer and you can freestyle quite a lot of different dishes.

Anything from chilli with rice through Sloppy Joe's to Spag Bol. Just defrost, heat and serve with a side or two and you're done.

I've heard that some people cook their chilli base with kidney beans. They are doing it wrong.

However, this post is not about how to make your chilli - this is just about how to use some of it to make a chilli dog or two.

To me chilli dogs comes in under the comfort food banner, they might not be everyone's thing but I sure do like them.

If you're serving them to others you can always make the chilli suitably bland but then offer diced chilies and hot sauces on the side.

Raw diced onion is a must whenever I make them, grated strong cheese isn't too bad either.

Well - this isn't a real recipe post so let's stop blathering and get on with it.

Hot Dogs
Prepared chilli (I prefer mine to be quite 'dry' for chilli dogs)
Hot Dog Buns
Assorted accompaniments like diced onion, grated cheese, hot sauce and pickled gherkins

Assembly instructions
Heat the chilli. Cook the hot dogs to your liking. Slice the hot dog buns and pop the hot dogs into them. Top with chilli and accompaniments.


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